Transfer to Pot Button / Screen

It would be very useful to have a button which took you to a transfer screen that lets you transfer money from your current account to a pot much like the salary sorter screen rather than doing this within the pot itself,

I have a hidden pot called “Save the change” that I often want to transfer leftover money into at the end of the month but I can’t without first making it visible, adding and hiding again.

You should get a summary notification at the end of the month which shows a breakdown of all your spending and budgets. At the bottom of this screen is a button to transfer your remaining money into a pot :slight_smile:

I transfer money to a hidden pot too. A tip I picked up from @N26throwaway

Scroll down your feed and find an entry for a movement to that pot, tap it, “Add to…” is the top option. This works if the pot is still hidden.

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Cheers! I’ve had a look and it does work, still a pain to have to search, a dedicated button would simplest things that much more.

Thanks, it’s not something I’ve noticed before, it’s a pain to not have a simple process but options are good.