Button to add to Hidden pots

I just thought it might be quite useful to have a button next to the other blue button to add to hidden pots
Rather than having to unhide it and then add money

The above is a good solution, but for the time being I use salary sort. Even though it says it’s for ‘salary’ it comes up on quite a few large payments for me.

You can tap this and distribute your money into pots, including hidden ones.

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Any incoming which is £100+ can be sorted however you like within the receiving account & its associated pots.

You can also cascade between linked Joint/Personal accounts too. For example… £200 is received into Joint Account. This is sorted as £50.00 into the Joint account savings pot and £150 to a linked Personal account. You can then go to the Personal account and see that £150 income, then sort that into any pots which are under that Personal account.

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Thanks for your feedback guys I was aware there are different ways to add money to pots The reason for this was just more for a spontaneous thing
As I say it’s only a suggestion