Toggle to hide £ in pots on main screen

It would be great if there was a toggle for pots to hide the amount from being displayed on the main screen, rather than hiding the whole pot. This would allow you to add money to the pot without having to unhide the pot first (or search for a transaction)

If they ever introduced a button to transfer to pots instead of having to select the pot then this would be a good alternative

I did look but couldn’t find any similar ideas.


Salary sort does this. When you get paid you can distribute it into pots without seeing the balances.

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I meant transfer between pots; salary sorter works great. but this is more for topping up a pot with spare change that you have at the end of the month.

Transfer between pots has been suggested a lot of times. Have a quick search and be sure to add your vote to the main topic for it :+1:

Ah this makes me really miss the old Jedi mind swipe to hide balances in N26.

the pot transfer part was more of a throwaway comment, the suggestion was about having a way to hide the balance without hiding the pot.

Hide balance has been suggested a while back and unfortunately not many people had voted. I had posted recently enquiring about it but it doesn’t seem to be a priority.

You can find the thread here: Hide Balance Option

It’s strange to see this still not implemented, considering how many accounts you can now have linked in Monzo and ALL of them are visible on the main screen. Anyone in public can see over your shoulder how much money you have in each account (main and joint + flex) and all of your pots.

It would be nice to see "privacy mode"of sort, so I could hide all and unhide whenever needed but it seems people prioritise a lot of other “important” features like dark mode, cheque scanning and iPad app (!) … How that is above this feature is beyond me but each to their own I guess.

Because most people are clearly not worried about some stranger being 3 inches behind them looking over their shoulder to see their balance.


Perhaps, however most people value convenience over security and privacy. That’s just the times we live in now.

With only 18 votes in over 4 years, I think that “most” is a bit of a stretch.