Introduce a Save the Change Button

I’m a big fan of having any change being put away as a sort of stealth saving, this works with the card transaction roundup but doesn’t work for Direct Debits or card charges leaving that extra few pence in change just sitting in the account.

I would like to see a “Save the Change” button on the card screen so that when selected can transfer change (anything not to the nearest £1) into the pot you’ve chosen as the roundup pot.

for example, if you have £145.77 in my account and were to press the button it would show a transfer option (like it does when transferring anything else) but defaulted to the 0.77p and set on your chosen pot, then you just click to confirm and you’re done.

Now… I know people will say, why don’t you just transfer manually, the reason is that often this pot is hidden, to transfer you would either need to unhide then add then hide again or search for a transaction to your chosen pot then do it that way. I completely appreciate there are ways to do this but they are not simple and far from quick to do.


One tip I picked up from @N26throwaway is that go to your feed and find the last “Moved 40p to Savings Pot” and tap that, and then you can add to it again, instead of having to unhide/hide.


Thanks, That’s one of the steps I’ve mentioned above, It’s certainly one way to do it but it’s not a quick or easy way.

Nationwide have this option.

Curious as to why it can’t be done for direct debits or standing orders though.

Maybe someone will drop by and explain why it’s not possible :sweat_smile:


I’ve seen something before to do with how the money is held when it’s requested by direct debit but not 100% on the reason, it sure would be great to apply to all transactions.