‘Move to Pot’ button

Now that we are starting to earn interest I would like to save that in a Pot to see how much I can save.

I know I can manually add the amount in to whichever pot I like, but it made me think.

It would be great if there was an option on transactions that were paid IN to my account, to move that amount to a pot of my choice.

For example, if there was an option under ‘See all interest’ that said ‘Move to Pot’ and when you tap on it, it asks which pot to move that amount to.

This could work on any payment into the account, to easily move that payment to a pot for safe keeping.

I have just created an account to ask the same sort of thing! I have a pot with a work float to cover expenses, it would be good if when I marked a transaction as an expenses then that amount was taken from my expenses pot.