Lost cards while travelling - drawback with the Monzo card


I lost my monzo card whilst out on a morning run. I’ve been told it may take over a week to get a new one - that I understand. What I don’t find easy to accept is that I cannot get access to any of my funds in the meantime and it would take 5 - 7 working days for a “refund” (their terminology) to reach my account. Fortunately I only have £130 on my monzo card but I would have been stumped had I transferred all my holiday spending. A major drawback i would say and it has reversed my decision to take their current account when launched.
An unhappy customer

(Jolin) #2

I’m not sure how this relates to the current account. If you had a current account, you could do a Faster Payment to another bank account and withdraw cash. The current accounts will also support Apple and Android Pay, so that might be an option for you. Out of interest, how would you access your funds with a lost card situation at your current bank?

(Henry Pedro) #3

he would be able to walk into a branch with additional forms of ID.

(Bob) #4

Not sure why it will take you a week to get a replacement prepay card. When I lost mine a few weeks ago I got my replacement in the following morning’s post.

(Jolin) #5

On holiday? Even with a global bank like HSBC or Santander, I didn’t think that was possible.

(Henry Pedro) #6

i missed that small detail. but youre right. he wouldnt have been affect too badly if it was a CA

(Eve) #7

I could get Apple Pay switched to my new replacement card on Santander but the actual card took a week to arrive (and got sent to my local branch when I asked for it to be delivered to my house :roll_eyes:). It’s impossible to get a replacement (with your name and acc deets printed) at a branch immediately. When I ordered a replacement on Monzo I got it in 2 working days (slower outside London).

(Jolin) #8

If you’re not on holiday it’s often a less precarious situation, as there are probably other people you know who you could transfer some money to and have them withdraw for you. In general, the issue is that with the prepaid card, you can’t easily get money out of your account unless it’s to another Monzo user. But all this goes away with the current account which has all the same ways of transferring money out that other banks have.

(Alex Sherwood) #9

Just to pick up on this point. This is one of the reasons why users of the prepaid cards are advised to always carry a back up. In other words, don’t transfer all of your money to the card.

As others have already mentioned, this won’t be an issue with the current accounts though.


Thanks for the comments everyone. To clarify I lost my monzo prepay card, my current account is with Rbs. I’m in Spain at the moment and a replacement card can’t be sent here within the next few days - but as I say I accept that, I wouldn’t expect them to magic me one immediately. My surprise is that I can’t get my money any other way. Why isn’t there a way to use my iPhone to make transactions with the monzo app? Just seems a little backwards to me considering it’s a new set up. Surely I’m not the first to have lost my card whilst abroad?
To give Monzo credit they have just messaged me back saying they’ll issue a credit to my Rbs bank account within 24 hours if I provide some security details. I’ll graciously turn down this offer as I can get funds elsewhere.

(Alex Sherwood) #11

It’s great to hear you’re sorted. Once Apple Pay & Android Pay are set up with the debit cards (:soon:) you’ll be able to make transactions without the physical card :boom:

(Marta) #12

This is one of the reasons why prepaid card has to die :skull_and_crossbones: - and will die once current accounts are fully rolled out :tada: . It’s just a different product, not a real bank account, even though Monzo is a bank with full banking license.

It’s a bit of a dumb comparison, but it’s like buying a gift card, you put money there, but it’s not that straightforward to get actual money back from it (but it’s easy to spend gift card on a purchase, well, as long as you have the card :sweat_smile: ).

Situation like yours is even more of an example that debit card > prepaid card and I won’t understand people who prefer prepaid over debit (usually citing some mysterious ‘security’ reasons).

Roll on current accounts! :smiley:


I did find a way around money “stuck” on the Monzo prepaid card. In Revolut you can top up any amount. Just use your Monzo prepaid card to top up Revolut then withdraw it to a bank from their app.


I would say that when Monzo turns into a proper account it will be easier if your card goes missing to just transfer to another account. Also maybe able to use android or apple pay.

(Frank) #15

I appreciate that it’s a difficult situation being abroad and without easy access to funds: a bad situation whatever the financial medium you’re using.

I can’t help feeling like you’re missing the point of the current Monzo beta (prepay) card. It is still a banking system in it’s test phase. Despite appearing incredibly polished, it’s going to be rough around the edges and have some drawbacks until Monzo phase to a proper current account.

Anyone drawn to using the beta for the huge advantages of commission-less holiday spending, need to be a bit more forgiving on the negatives of using a temporary prepaid system.

(camila) #16

Please help! I lost my card. Try calling. Try contacting. Please I need to cancel it.



Freeze it in the Monzo app?

Open the Monzo app, click Card and then click the snowflake which says freeze.

The card can’t be used while frozen.

(camila) #18

they have stolen my phone too. no way to get into the app


Email customer support at help@monzo.com with your details or call +44 20 3322 4650 .

(camila) #20

i did both. No reply on none of them! also through FB… and nothing