Limit on Transfer into Account?

I sneaked in and got a Marcus account last week, then found out about the slightly annoying account limitation of only being able to deposit from one account

Without really thinking I nominated my back up high St account to transfer the funds via (as the existing savings account will become dormant)

My question is, is there an upper limit that would trigger an issue with Monzo in terms of a transfer into the account, is there an amount you would feel comfortable to pay in (to a maximum) and was I being risk averse nominating a high St account

Intrigued as to your thoughts

There is a limit shown in app (£10k per day it appears) but if you need to transfer more you contact them via email/chat and ask for the limit to be increased for a day.
If you tap “Account” under where the picture of your card is then go to limits you can see yours.

You can change which account is connected to Marcus on their website.

I changed mine over after a current account switch, think it took them 2 days max to switch it over to my Monzo account at the time

Annoyingly it must be a current account that is the linked account. This means I can’t transfer the funds from one savings account to the other. I’ve never had this issue when transferring between savings accounts but there we are

As it stands I’ll be doing it via my High St account, but good to learn of the limits for in future

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