Transactions slow to update today?


My app says I’ve spent £5.50 today, but only a £0.50 transaction at Waitrose has appeared, an hour after it was authorised. It also took an hour for the notification to appear on both my phones. Is there an issue today slowing down updates?


Had the same with a Monzo to Monzo payment, had to get in touch with support to force-refresh the feed.


Thanks. A TfL transaction just appeared, over three hours after the time stamp on it for the missing £5.


I had the same issue transection appearing after an hour now.

Just got status text though, seems Monzo are aware and working on a fix

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Interesting, I just had Spotify attempt to take the money and it was instantly refunded saying payment failed?.. Wonder if it’s part of the same issue.

(Hugh Wells) #6

There is currently an issue with the enrichment service which is causing transactions to come through slowly, and delayed balance updates :slight_smile:


Is there any chance of seeing these status alerts in the app or opting in to receive notifications?

SMS updates seems a bit old hat

(Hugh Wells) #8

There should be a banner at the bottom of the app to alert you :slight_smile:


Fair enough, apologies…

(Peter Roberts) #10

Any chance of some details of what that is? Always eager to learn more about how things work in the banking world

(Hugh Wells) #11

Sure, I’ll do my best to answer but someone like @daniel.cannon is much better at these sort of things!

When we get the transaction details from Mastercard, we get a very limited set of information about the merchant. In order to show you pretty logos and not display useless information like TESCO STORES 0231 LDN GBR we maintain a database of merchant data (which is fairly accurate!). Therefore, when you submit merchant feedback we go back and modify our database as required. This service is responsible therefore for augmenting the basic transaction data with contextual information, as we generate the feed items and send you the notification. As we gain more customers, we have to scale services up to deal with the increased load and sometimes we get a bit more demand than expected, which causes services to slow down and backlogs accumulate. That’s what happened here.

To deal with this, we turn off auxiliary logging and analytics to reduce demand, add more system resources and monitor the queue in the short term. In the long term we’re looking at better ways to predict the service requirements to prevent this slowdown from occurring :slight_smile:

(Richard Bairwell) #12

Wouldn’t it be better to de-couple the transaction feed notifications from the enrichment system so the former can continue working quickly but provide “un-enriched information” (such as TESCO STORES 0231 LDN GB) if the enrichment system is unable to reply within a second (feed items could be shown to the user as “Preliminary data - merchant name, location, logo will be provided later”). If it then replies later, the feed can just be updated.

(Peter Roberts) #13

Thanks for sharing. It sounds like this particular bottleneck isn’t just something where you can quickly spin up greater capacity for it then? Hope Monzo are able to change this in the future because I guess you’re planning to have quite a few more users :wink: . Good luck!

I’d rather have unpretty notifications than no notifications. Good idea for graceful failure :+1:

(Dan) #14

I know Monzo services are hosted with AWS. Is there any reason these services don’t auto scale? Are some services setup to auto scale but others with less demand setup to be scaled manually? Only curious! :smiley:

(Keri) #15

I spent money last night and it still hasn’t appeared in my feed. Anyone else having this issue? I feel completely lost without knowing my up to date balance.


Get in touch with in-app support… but this is quite unacceptable that a temporary backlog of requests to the service leaves accounts in an inconsistent state until manually resolved. :sob:

(Keri) #17

I have contacted support but they can’t find it. Should appear in a few days.

(Peter Roberts) #18

I’ve just used android pay and it isn’t showing up…

(Louis Otto) #19

I’m trying to pay someone and it’s just hanging after I’ve entered my PIN, keeps spinning and then empties the pin entry and does the same thing again if I try…


I’m also having problems today. I can’t freeze my card. The card turns frosty when I click freeze but when I re-open the app, it’s unfrozen again. I’m not impressed - if freezing failed, the app should tell you.