Transactions missing from home tab list

I have missing transactions between 18 July and 14 August. They are in the graph but not in the list. I have frequently had transactions that have completely different payees listed against them.

I feel the app is very buggy and I think for a banking app the develop quickly break it fix it approach is not appropriate.

There are no branches or paper. There seems to be a sense that if it’s in an app accuracy doesn’t matter, but if your regular bank sent you a printed statement that had a large number of missing transactions or ones with a completely different payee name it would be ridiculous.

Are they showing on your statement?

Ok I conseed they are in the statement, but it’s still a bug right?

yes I was just wondering if they’d totally vanished or were there somewhere

Have you tried deleting and reinstalling the app to see if that fixes the feed problem?

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Won’t that lead to untold setup angst? Normally with other apps you end up going in a branch or something

No, it’ll just be a link sent to your email and click on it and you’ll be logged in,

Ensure that you click login not sign up.


What do you mean “it will be”?

In the help monolithic chat in the app they say after uninstall I have to reinstall then login with my email address. I can’t remember which one and what password.

Will they know I’ve uninstalled to send me an email? How is “just a link” the same as logging in?

When you first install the app and have an account, it asks for your email address.
You input the email address that you signed up with.
An email is then sent to your email address.
You click the magic link in that email and it automatically opens and unlocks the Monzo app and you are logged in.

If you go to your profile in the app you can see what email account you have registered with monzo

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Before uninstalling the app, go to your Profile within the app, mine is within the account tab, and it tells you which email address is signed in.

Password not relevant as you will reconnect via the email sent by Monzo.

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To be fair, if you walked into a branch and told a high street bank this, they’d firstly tell you to call a number, and then the advice would be to reinstall the app anyway. Probably.

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