Missing Data (3 Years Worth)

Strange thing here, and to be honest there’s possibly a simple explanation but I don’t see it.

Just decided to go back to my old transactions, and despite having been with Monzo since 2016, anything before February 2020 doesn’t seem to show… with the exception of any notifications I got while travelling…

Oh and two 2017 transactions that are “Missing” when I go into them.

Any ideas/help here? Am I… just using Monzo wrong? :laughing:

Some point in 2020 I noticed my feed stopped going back after a certain point - although that was entirely and didn’t show any notifications or ‘missing’ transactions at all.

Deleting and reinstalling the app fixed it for me and some others, so it’s the first thing I’d recommend :crossed_fingers:

Are you able to obtain statements for those times?

My statements are all there, as are the transactions on my Google Sheets page (which is how I found out about the error itself…)

Cheers, I’ll give that a go.

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