Transactional pot

(Daniel Leftwich) #1

Hi, I like to separate my ‘spending money’ from my money to pay for overheads (mortgage, council tax, utilities etc.) so I don’t overspend.

To do this I use Monzo for spending money and a current account with another bank for overheads, which is a bit clunky.

I know it goes against the grain of Monzo’s pots, but could you consider a transactional pot which allows direct debits and standing orders to be taken straight from this pot?

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I think this is being worked on as I type. I’m not Monzo so can’t guarantee it, or give any time estimates, but I know it’s on their radar. Monzo calls it Committed Pots, I think.


(MikeF) #3

I agree. As far as I know this is in active development.


Mentioned here as being in progress