Bills Pot

This feature would be a great way for our Monzo customers to segregate their monthly bills to one account. How the account could work:

  • The account would act like a pot.
  • The pot has a sort code and account number (enabling direct debits/standing orders).
  • The pot would not have a physical card
  • Customers can transfer in (and out) any amount of money (BAU)
  • Software integration would build analytics and inform customers how would is needed to be transferred into the pot to ensure direct debits are paid. As direct debits are visible a day before - Monzo could send a notification if there are insufficient funds - allowing customers to transfer funds in before the debit.
  • Monzo Plus feature?

This is already the most requested feature on here. You can find and vote for it here:


Voted - Don’t know how I missed this! Thanks Ordog!

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