Direct Debit / Standing Order Pot

(Sean Le vegan) #1

Can we have a pot for Direct Debits and Standing orders? That would be amazing! :kissing_smiling_eyes:

(Will flag Danny for cake) #2

How many times do I post this before I’m classed as a stalker? :thinking:


About ten posts ago…

(Sean Le vegan) #4

It would be good. :wink:




There was a blog post this week with an even more overt suggestion that this functionality is coming soon.

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Topic searching is your friend :wink:

(Sean Le vegan) #8

No… I have checked and I have no friends going by the of “Topic Searching”. Sorry.


What’s next?

We’ll keep working to make it easier to manage your bills through Monzo. And we’ve got lots more ideas to come! What if you could set up a dedicated Pot to put your committed spending money aside, and transfer it into your balance for each payment? Watch this space…