“Bills” pot

(Matt) #1

A feature I would use and would let me completely transition to Monzo with the account switcher is a pot called “bills” in which direct debits standing orders and bills will be taken that doesn’t show on my balance.

Currently I have a Natwest account that has my wages paid in to and bills paid out of. I then transfer the disposable money To my Monzo for day to day spending. If Monzo gave me a way to separate bill money from money I can spend I’d switch.

(Eve) #2

This is a pot that is highly requested! In Tom’s recent response, he’s also mentioned this:

Same goes for Direct Debits - in the near future we’d like to introduce a pot for “committed” spend, so as soon as you’re paid, we can automatically set aside money you will need for your bills.

I’d imagine they would still show transactions when they get taken out of your pot though.

(Matt) #3

That’s great. Monzo are usually already working on things I’ve only just realised I need.