Transaction windows

Can I set a window of time e.g 01/04/19 - 31/03/20 to view specific transactions. I can see all the TFL transactions I’ve ever made, but I’d like to be able to see how much I spent on TFL during the last tax year, is that possible?

I believe Apple users have more search filters but on Android I don’t think this is possible.

The best way (and quickest) would be to export your statement to a spreadsheet and filter them that way.


It’s easy to search for transactions in this or last year, quarter, month, week, etc in the iOS version.

As @Ordog says, for a more granular search, exporting to a spreadsheet seems to be the best option.

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Thank you. Unfortunately I’m on Android - if it’s on Apple, surely it can be added for Android. I’ll try the spreadsheet route though, thanks!

I have tried this in Nationwide, Santander, and Starling without success. TSB does it, though.


It’s an ongoing battle to get the two platforms aligned. Hang around on here and join us in the fight :muscle: