Filtering Transactions - More options for time frame

As someone self employed who has just been busy sorting out documentation to send to their accountant - when filtering transactions (in this case expenses) to create a spreadsheet - I’d ideally like to be able to filter transactions in the financial year of 2019-2020, or at least transactions within the last 12 months. At the moment the date options are quite limited.

Is this current accounts or business accounts you’re referring to?

Either way, why don’t you just export all your transactions to a spreadsheet and do all the filtering there? It will be so much easier, especially since the export feature has recently been updated to give much more detail.

Current accounts.

“Export all” would potentially be exporting years worth of transactions though? I mean you are right you could then delete ones you don’t need but surely adding a simple feature to just get a specific time frame is slicker


Agreed, there are a lot of problems with the search on the transactions feed. Other banks let you specify any arbitrary date range, it’s annoying not to be able to in Monzo.

There have been many requests over the years for improvements to the search, but unfortunately nothing has happened. At one point several years ago, it even looked like there were plans forming for a great search feature, but alas nothing seems to have come of them. :sob:

A new Search

If you have a search on the forum for improve search or something similar, you’ll find many threads. I hope Monzo do eventually address this, search really lets the app down. You can’t even do something basic (and extremely useful) like searching for 20 and having transactions with a value of 20 in them come up (like £20.13 or £13.20).


There are many times when it is useful to be able to quickly filter the transaction feed to get the figures you need, instead of going through the hassle of exporting and opening up a spreadsheet. Monzo is supposed to make managing finances easy, not cumbersome and overly complicated for simple tasks! They are behind the ‘legacy’ banks here.

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Yeah I understand, sorry I should rephrase…I meant that as a solution now instead of struggling to filter and search for things in the app :slight_smile:

I imagine that this will be something more beneficial for business accounts and can see it coming there first to be honest.

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Would suggest signing up for a Monzo Business account as using as a Sole Trader also is against the T&Cs of Monzo and can result in ur current account to be closed/frozen (not :100: re latter)

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