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Transaction search doesn’t appear to search the real merchant data string. E.g. when I search for “TFL” it won’t find “Transport for London” transactions even if the merchant is “TFL TRAVEL CH”

Is there a way to get around this? Or should this be a big report?

It’s a problem because Monzo’s merchant data system has butchered some data (obviously) and I can no longer find the transactions by searching for the merchant’s name.

Maybe bug report. Maybe feedback & ideas.

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I typed in tfl and got all transport for london activities

Is this an Android vs iOS thing again? The latter having more advanced search functionality?

It doesn’t seem to be a iOS/Android parity thing.
I’m on Android and if I search ‘tfl’ or ‘TfL’ or ‘TFL’ I get the same, correct, results;

The search box there says “Transport for London” so it makes sense that those results are coming up. Do they come up if you type TFL?

  • I don’t know why TfL Travel Charge is different from all the others
  • The TFL with the pride flag is a congestion charge direct debit

yes I typed " tfl " - exactly

Weird, mine doesn’t do that.

TFL and Transport for London are different searches

It looks like Android is searching properly then.

(My) iOS device definitely isn’t. App version 3.47.1 #667

Im on 3.47.1 # 667 as well

Something’s gone on with your search because it’s not searching for “tfl”, it’s searching for “transport for london”


I agree this is what I initially get when searching tfl , then I tap search which changes the search to Transport for London and displays more

I see, monzo’s obviously doing something fancy with the search terms.

I was only really using TFL as an example, but I think the issue with the searching still stands.

The transaction that prompted me to check this is “ABC.COM*ORDER” which monzo is displaying in the feed as “Order”. I’d been searching for “abc” and getting no results.

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maybe capitalise the search ??? not helpful for the search function , but might explain ?

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