Monthly Totals for Specific Expenses

Hello Team,
I would like to be able to see how much I spent on Tfl or McDonald’s for a given month, and/or a specific time period.

Oh but you can

On app click on the search frying pan on transaction list. On the little house pic you can click on the retailer and specify date range

I only found that last night

Edit: ok it lists all for a certain retailer not date range but still…

Edit again: if you do retailer then you can filter date range after. I knew I’d done it, confused myself for a minute

Btw, Ronald wants to search for McDonald’s? I’m looking out for the hamburgler


That maybe iOS only, as on the Android app, when you click the search icon you only get a text based search.

How I’m currently doing this is, if I’m at a pub I use the beer emoji, a burger joint then the burger emoji, etc. Then when I do a search I for the emoji… It’s not perfect, but it’s the best Android has at the moment bar downloading the CSV and performing my own searches.

You don’t get icons on the top of the pop up keyboard on Android?

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Impressed by the quick responses guys. Will go check now…
No luck guys :frowning:
Perhaps I’m using the wrong search but me results only give me Number of Payments, Average Spend and Total Spend.
I’m on Android

Nope, just the normal keyboard with a blank search box at the top of the screen. I’m sure I’ve read plans somewhere to bring the search more up to the iOS search.

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What if you go to the Spending section, select Eating Out and then select Merchants. It should display what you spent for that month for all restaurants?

P.S. This is for Android, not sure if it’s the same on iOS.

Thanks James, that’s it. Thanks to all the rest of you too.
It’s all there in the spending section. I’m not sure how I missed it. Just go to the Spending section and remember to scroll down.
Thanks again

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No problem at all. We are all here to help!

I remembered I noticed it there the other day and was surprised how much I actually spend at certain places each month :open_mouth:

It’s these simple things that :monzo: provide that helps me visualise my spending and helps me save :moneybag:

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I can’t see where you mean, after the Summary came out there is not Spending section. I have the same question as Ronald. Has it moved, is it still there? Thank you :blush: