Total spent

If I want to see how much I’ve spent in one particular shop, it’s easy - click a transaction, click total spend. However this shows all transactions ever. Can you add a filter to allow us to view transactions by date range and / or by month?

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You on android? You can do this on iOS

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I think filtered search is the only thing preventing true parity between Android and iOS, aside from a few different design choices. Would be great to have on Android too!


A workaround, while not perfect, would be to type “last month” and press enter + any other details (shop name, emoji, amount etc). Because of how some refunds (processed under a slightly different name) work I often find myself doing this anyway even if I have the search filter function.

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Oh ok, I can type “last month” and it will filter… Not too obvious I don’t think. Needs instructions or something! iPhone here.

iPhone you just press the search magnifying glass on the feed, choose the shop icon and select the retailer, then the calendar icon and choose this or last weekend, week, month, quarter or year. Limited date ranges but makes it easier


Oh yeah! Didn’t see all those options. Thanks!

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