Transaction limits

What are the limits Monzo imposes on Business Current account transactions?

For some reason Monzo is not listed on

For personal accounts it is 10k which is kind of low considering industry standard is either 25k or 50k. If it is same for business accounts then it’s a no go limitation for me.

Is there a limits section on the account in the same way there is on personal?

Can’t remember exactly where on the old nav, I think it’s in the profile menu or settings

I haven’t opened BCA with Monzo yet. Hence asking here.

Pretty sure I’ve seen someone say it’s £10,000 but I’m looking for a source for that

So can anybody from Monzo advice on what are Business Current Account limits? Daily and monthly.

@jackcully can you help?

:wave: hey there! The daily bank transfer limit is £50,000.

If you have a business account, can view your limits in the “Manage Card” section of your app, and then tap on “Limits and allowances”.


According to Monzo’s BCA limit is £10,000

So is it 50k or 10k?

I have a business account with Monzo. My personal limits are £10k for daily card transactions, and £50k for daily bank transfers. The site you linked doesn’t seem to be correct.


Thank you for clarifying this. I think it’s Monzo’s resonsibility to inform operator if data is incorrect.

Hello! I can clarify this :slight_smile: The daily limit for bank transfers on business accounts is £50k, but there is a £10k limit on individual card transactions and transfers. The FPS website is correct, but doesn’t consider that the daily limit is higher than individual transaction limit.

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Is 10k transaction limit configurable? What if I need to transfer 35k in one transaction?

You would need to tell Live Chat a few days in advance.

Are they able to waive this limit on a permanent basis? I somehow don’t have this problem with Barclays where I’m able to transfer up to 50k via FPO.

I don’t think so…

Yep! If you need to make a one off payment you can reach out via in-app chat and we can arrange that :slight_smile: we’re working on higher limits in general, but until then we can always help via chat :slight_smile:

Is there somewhere I can see updates on the “higher limits in general” or are you able to provide more info on that? Thanks.