What's the most someone can send to my account?


As title says, me and a friend are going away soon and they don’t have a monzo account so will be sending money to mine, what is the most they can send to me in a day, is there a limit each day

(Alex Sherwood) #2

That will depend on the level of verification that you’ve completed but you can see the limits here -

These guides explain how to check your limits -


As far as I know my account is verified, I topped up the £100 when I applied for my card and sent passport photo etc,

(Bob) #4

You have daily, monthly and annual load limits; the post below should explain everything:


I know what my limits are to add money to it, but I was wanting to know how much someone else can send me via monzo.me, is it just £100 a day as the person would probably looking to put about £300 on my account in one go.

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it is 100 max single payment - there doesnt seem to be a daily limit - 1000 max in 30 days using Monzo.me - this costs Monzo money for the facility

(Bob) #7

They’re only limited by your load limits, so £3750 per day or £5000 per month, assuming you have not loaded during that period.

(Bob) #8

But surely they can load with their non Monzo card?

EDIT: Or bank transfer?


They don’t have a monzo account Bob, I will send them my link so they can send it to me that way

(Bob) #10

That’s my point @wmc7470. They can load with their non Monzo card just as you load with yours, or do a bank transfer which takes a little longer.

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true you could presumably attach their debit card to your account load it and then switch back to your debit card - If you do I would try it with a nominal amount before you leave just to check your friends account doesnt block monzo

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and the benefit would be just as your friend could benefit from Monzos great FX rates it won’t cost Monzo any money - win win :slight_smile:


Ok well it might be easier if I get the person to transfer money to my bank account so I can add it myself using my debit card? And I’m guessing I can add about £600 myself in one go. Am I right?

(Bob) #14

You can add as much as you like provided it’s within the load limits.

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no if you’re verified its £ 3750 per day and max £5000 per month if you are a verified user - enhanced verification limits are larger


I don’t have that much money I’m poor :grin: so £600 is my limit for now :grin:


Why not get them to sign up to Monzo? I may be missing something here…


I did mention it to her, she was going to apply but then changed her mind and decided just to use my account.


@BobT if she did a bank transfer to my account would it still only be £100 a day she could send or would she be able to send about £300, this should hopefully be my last question on this :slightly_smiling_face:

(Bob) #20

She can send £300 by bank transfer. Any amount that doesn’t exceed your load limit is fine.