Business Bank account limits?

Hi. Looking to open a business account with Monzo but can’t see if there is a balance limit? My current online bank doesn’t allow me to receive payments of over £100k at a time. Are there any limits on Monzo?

There are no limits to incoming transfers.

Thanks for that! Where do I find that in Monzo info? £50k seems to be the number talked about? Can someone from Monzo confirm for us?

Not sure if these numbers are published anywhere outside of an account, but in my account it shows inbound transfers as Unlimited.

I’m also unsure if the various limits are tailored to each account, but if my account that I use for a few hundred a month of freelance work is unlimited then I’m sure they all are.

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Thanks- that’s really useful. Appreciate your help

You realise that Monzo has limits on the amount you can withdraw/transfer each day without contacting Monzo so if you frequently move large sums, other banking options may be better? (For personal accounts certainly but I assume for business accounts as well)

Which bank limits deposits to £100k at a time?

Before I open a business accounti need to be sure Monzo accepts payments from overseas - dollar and euro. Can someone confirm this for me please

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