Transaction filters on Android App

Feel a bit silly that I’m reaching out to the community to ask this question as I’m sure I’m just missing something really obvious but…

I’m a long term IOS user who has just switched to Android. A week in and it feels like a great decision, however I’m really struggling with the new Monzo app. Trying to filter my transactions by date, vendor, location, category etc. like you could do on IOS homepage, but I can’t see where to do this on the Android app. Please tell me this is a case of user error as opposed to a missing feature.

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I believe it’s a missing feature. The android search is basic :expressionless:


Really? That is absolutely shocking! Moved my entire banking from Nat West to Monzo because of the quality of the mobile app and am now left with a sub standard product because I’ve switched to Android. Very disappointing.


now left with a sub standard product

So you knowingly switch to a sub-standard OS and are now surprised? Shocking. :joy:

You appear to be conflating the capabilities of the OS and the dev priorities of the Monzo team. The OS itself is superior, as is most of the hardware it runs on.

The fact that Monzo appear more preoccupied with relatively pointless features such as pulse at the expense of basic yet key functionality, is a concern though.


Has anybody at Monzo commented on whether they plan to introduce filters to Android some time soon? It would be very useful!

Edit: still waiting to hear about this. Search would be so much better with the filtering enabled!

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Monzo don’t seem to be aware of this discrepancy, not publicly at least. Any news on plans to bring the Android app up to speed/parity with iOS on this?


They’re aware of it because they designed the feature :slight_smile:

Not at the moment. It looks like they’ve decided to prioritise the other features that’re on the roadmap instead.