Monthly spending per company, not just category

(Johnny Walker) #1

Unless I’m going blind it appears that Monzo only allows me to see monthly spending by category, not company. So I can see I’ve spent £200 on Transport in February, but not how much I’ve spent with Uber or on TFL.

This would be a tremendous help for budgeting if it was available. Thanks.


If I go into my Spending in the Android app and say click on a category such as Groceries I go into a list of transactions but if I click on the Merchants tab instead of Transactions tab it does list it by company.

It does not seem to have this functionality in iPhone app though, which was a suprise as for most things iPhone was normally ahead!

(Johnny Walker) #3

Strange! I’m an iPhone user and so I don’t see that option at all. I would have thought both versions would have been built in tandem, but maybe Apple’s approval process is slower.


You can see how much you have spent with a certain merchant on iOS, however not per month.

(Alex Sherwood) #5

You can get to this information in the iOS app too but it takes slightly longer & your options are more limited than what Richard’s described for the Android app (who would have thought that could happen?! :wink:).

Tap into a transaction > tap the any of the three panels in the ‘YOUR MERCHANT NAME HISTORY’ list > & use the search bar at the top of the window, to filter your search. You can also search for the merchant’s name & then apply the date filter.

Your options for the search by date are:

This / Last: Year, Quarter, Month, Week, Weekend

which is obviously slightly limited but Hugo has shared a preview of the upcoming updates for the search feature, which will allow you to apply more filters, including specifying date ranges -

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It’s ridiculous that Android is so far ahead of the iOS app yadda yadda skip to the end.


EDIT: Apparently the above caused this post to be flagged up. Sorry if people thought I was being serious or didn’t find it funny.

(Johnny Walker) #7

Thanks for letting me know! Very fiddly and un-Monzo to get that useful data, but good to know it’s there. Thanks!