Transaction data retension

I’m building an app which tries to match transactions (using names and money sums) with another data source.
Are there any rules / policies around storing transaction details of the Monzo customers?

What are they?

Is this your own transaction data or that of other people? If it is 3rd party transaction information you really shouldn’t be even thinking about creating an app which will store data if you are not aware of the legal constraints as you could get yourself in some hot water.

This are transaction of my users , that is other people.

You won’t get a quick and definitive answer here I’m afraid. If you’re even thinking about this I would recommend attending courses/seminars on GDPR, Payment Services Regulations and PSD2.


Thanks. Your answer is helpful . Perhaps I should be more precise. I should ask:
“Are there any Monzo specific policies around Monzo’s client data retention?”

Those transaction details would really ‘belong’ more to the customer than to Monzo. If you had an API with Monzo via say TrueLayer for example, you could get the data. Provided the customer consents to the T&C’s of your app, then you would include things like data retention periods in your Privacy Notice.