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I’ve read through the Privacy Statement and I’m just left with one question regarding privacy; does anybody know if Monzo shares my transaction details with any third parties?

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Not unless you grant a third-party, like Emma, Ylot or Credit offers, access to your account.

The first two I mentioned are account aggregators, whereas the latter looks at your transactions to determine whether you paid your rent on time, and then reports it to Credit Reference Agencies.


Is there a way to “un-grant” access to said third party apps? From the aggregator itself I sure can delete the connection, but technically the app could just hide the account while still having access to the data. I d rather I was able to revoke access from Monzo itself. (I think Starling does that)


Hi Kabe,
I think it depends on how you have granted them access to your account, if you’ve granted them access through Monzo’s API then yes, Monzo should be able to revoke the access :slight_smile:

Just get in touch with CS and they should be able to help you out.

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In the first instance it’s always best to contact the third party and ask them to delete all the data they hold. If they are unable to do this then do let us know via the in app chat and we can revoke access on our end :pray:

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Yes it was via API. Make sens what you suggested

Well I already removed access to Monzo from the third party aggregators. But would make sense to be able to follow up with actually revoking access from Monzo itself. Don’t you agree @hughwells

Yup! And you can do that by contacting us through the in app chat :ok_hand:

We’re working on adding this into the app soon :blush:

Thanks for all of your replies, love the Community Spirit here!

So, just to clarify, unless I allow a third party access to my account through the API, my transaction information is completely private, no third parties can see that?

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Correct :+1:

No. There is no pin on the (Android) app, so if your phone is unlocked anyone can see your transaction data.


That’s like saying no bank is secure because if you don’t properly dispose of your statements anybody can see your transaction history.

Question was about Monzo sharing :wink:


There is fingerprint support (which I know you already know :smile:), just to clear that up for anyone not aware of it.

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On devices that support it, not on those that don’t, and for those customers able to use fingertip security (without various medical conditions preventing it), without any app fallback to PIN when fingertip security unavailable.


I turned on fingerprint security for about 5 minutes, then I realised it was just annoying. And turned it off :smiley: