Moving from an idea to a product

I am new to API’s so forgive my ignorance. I have got some bits working on my personal account but fail to understand how i would translate this into a product. Any help would be lovely.

I am pulling simple information from Monzo like amount of transaction, merchant ID, time of transaction into my app to do some matching and then for the user of my app to take an action against their transaction. I can simply achieve this for my own account, but how would this work to make this available for everyone?

Would I need to partner with monzo, or is all this possible through the API already?

As I understand it, if you want to use the Monzo API in an app you would need to register as an AISP with the FCA; see

I believe there is an alternate API access for AISPs too, but you’d need to speak to Monzo about that (or do a search on here, or on their documentation I guess).


Thanks Tbutz, i guess partnerships at Monzo would be the right people?

Does anyone know if Monzo still have their partnership function?