Traitors (TV show)

Just been tweeted today, the casting for series 2 of Traitors is taking place, if anyone here thinks they can do better than the rabble who played the first time around :grin:


I only watched this series a couple of weeks ago. Mainlined it in about three days, it was so good.

There’ll be maybe one or two more good games, then it’ll fill up with celebrity–wannabes.


They tweeted this over a month ago :stuck_out_tongue:

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I’m now imagining the regulars on here on The Traitors.

It’s not pretty :joy:


I didn’t see that one or I would have shared it then :sweat_smile:

Different video clip, looks like?( Haven’t been able to watch the one you posted yet as am supposed to be working.)

Hard agree. It was the mix of somewhat regular people that made it brilliant. Once it’s rammed full of influencers it will suck.

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Yea, different. This has some unknown well known person in it seems, 'cause you can’t be a celebrity or well known person (like that person supposedly)

That’s Courteney Cox

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