Line of Duty: Series 5 👮 (SPOILERS)

Who’s excited for Series 5? :sunglasses: :smiley:

Coming out at the end of the month! :tada:

Cannot wait :grin:


O. M. Goodness!!!

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Hell yeah! If Ted is corupt I’m gonna sell my TV :joy::grin:


Absolutely no way. They’re making it way to obvious for it to happen.

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All handcuffed tho :eyes:

Stop it! :sob::sob::sob::sob:

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Did anybody catch this episode last night?! :eyes:

I shan’t spoil anything but dammmmmn it was good!! :boom::smiley:

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:eyes: Yes it was soo good




I’m gonna have to watch it again tonight :grin: I was very wrong about who was who from the beginning :sweat_smile:

It’s you’re Kate, not your.


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Yes it was really great. I called who the undercover cop was *humble brag*.

I still dont think Hastings is going to be the inside man though. They’re trying to make it too obvious.

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That ending though :scream::scream:

Mental ending :bangbang::open_mouth:

Spoilers below for anybody who hasn’t watched yet :stuck_out_tongue:

I need to know who KF6 was a photo of :eyes: I refuse to believe it’s Hastings… Why is he stuck in a hotel, unable to afford it?

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Reckon the photo she pointed to was Dot! Or Ted is being setup. !

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Doubt it was Hastings, why would they have a printout of his mugshot lying around.

Just had a rewatch , the ones from the drawer were kf1, 2… As they were at the top of this pile, kf6 was from the suspect board so Hastings obviously wasn’t on there.

Getting way too busy :joy:

Hastings was originally on the line up board, and then at the end of the last season he turned and said “Take me off there” - and I think they kept the mugshot from him.

So yea, there is a mugshot.

But personally, I think it’s all too obvious, looking through the history on LoD, they rarely give indication who it is before you know for sure. So I doubt it’s him, but just a lot of deliberate diversion. :clap:

Just :open_mouth:

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Not watched it :eyes: too busy gaming :laughing: