Queens Speech

Found this quite interesting, I wonder how realistic it’s going to be.

The preview video is quite amusing actually at how bad it is.

Yeah it’s not great, papers will probably go nuts over it though.

Has there been any deep fake Cctv about? I guess it wouldn’t be too hard with most stuff still under 720p and less than 30fps.

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Her voice is awful so no, not the best.

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Wouldn’t surprise me if they’re was stuff floating about.

Your comment just reminded me about a drama I watched on iPlayer not so long back. It’s not on that at the moment I don’t think, left a few weeks back.

Season 2 is in the pipeline it ended up been a pretty popular show.

It was embarrassingly bad, everything out of sync. Looked fake, sounded fake, only an idiot would believe it’s the actual thing. Which to be fair we know there’s plenty of them about.

I read something where a so called expert was concerned that this broadcast would make the public think that deep fakes are everywhere. Not with that example they won’t.

I don’t know, I was sitting pretty far away and in the few scenes where she didn’t look like a plastic doll it was actually pretty realistic

Apart from the voice of course

Can’t sit far away from a 65" TV in my house :joy: just wasn’t convincing one bit too me.

Certainly I enjoyed, but obviously was a fake. Raised a smile and that on the current situation is well worth 4/5.