Touch ID & PIN issue


New issue, not sure if it’s related to the existing Touch ID issues, but the app keeps reversing my preferences for Touch ID for payments (which I have off) and Touch ID to login (which I have on).

When I then turn off the former and turn back on the latter in order to view my PIN with Touch ID it takes me back to the activate Touch ID to view PIN screen.

Problem is I haven’t got round to memorising my PIN after receiving my CA card and I’m not sure why it’s reversing my preferences. I updated today to the new iOS update if that makes a difference.

Apologies if I’ve explained that badly

(Sean) #2

The app for me keeps turning TouchID off completely. I then have to go back in and turn them back on.

There doesn’t seem to be any routine trigger for this. It’s very random.

(Adam Atkinson) #3

I have this too, can’t have been addressed yet given there’s been a couple of app updates in the interim.
Not a major issue but an inconvenience nonetheless.