Touch ID bug

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Assuming you have Touch ID set up, if you go to the forums in app (Chat > Share Ideas in the forum), and quit the app just by pressing the Home button (while in the forums). And you try to open the app again, you can bypass Touch ID just by pressing Cancel. Side note, the blurring feature seems to not work in all instances where you can bypass Touch ID.

After you do this once, then you’ll be able to get into the app as many times as you want. Or you can just go to the Profile and turn off Touch ID all together.

Everything would go back to normal if you clear the app from memory.

You would still need access into the phone for it to work though, so I guess it’s not a huge issue.

Have tested this on iOS 10 Developer Beta 3 and iOS 9.3.2

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Yep replicated here too!

Replicated this also on ios10. Also appears to be a issue on the send money screen. If you close the app with contacts open, reopen Mondo, click cancel on the Touch ID and cancel out of the contacts, you are back on the transactions list without using your fingerprint.

In iOS beta 10.3 Touch ID crashes the app for me. I had to log out and then back in to switch off.

Another related issue is if you leave the app and go back to it, it prompts for Touch ID again but displays the rest of the screen. I.e. Balance and last transactions

Replicated both the Touch ID bypass hack and the blurry screen not showing every time therefor showing card balance and transaction history. On ios10 beta

Thanks all! The iOS ninjas are working on these issues :slight_smile:

Replicated via ‘Send Money’. Exited while contacts screen was opened and tapped ‘cancel’ on re-opening the app. On the latest version of iOS 9.3.

Just a quick update. You can bypass Touch ID if you quit the app while on this page.

Confirmed tonight, if you open the iOS app straight after receiving a transaction notification, the blur somehow gets removed behind the Touch ID challenge even if it was correctly applied on last exit and was blurred in the multi-tasking switcher before the notification came in (though it does otherwise correctly lock).

I can also confirm this.

Currently on iOS 9.3.2 on my iPhone 6S and as soon as the Touch ID is enabled and you try and open the app it will ask for your fingerprint (while showing your balance and other information depending on the screen you were previously on behind the notification) and once you place your finger or thumb on there it will crash the app and it also locks up my phone.

Replicated it a couple of times and had to delete the app and reinstall it to be able to get back into the app.

Bring on the iOS ninjas :slight_smile:

Overall the app is running well and I am looking forward to using my mondo card tomorrow.

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I feel like this feature should really have been beta tested more on testflight first. It is the purpose of it after all! Maybe you need more beta testers that are used to performing UAT :smirk: rasies hand

Thanks all! Fixes incoming :slight_smile:

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If I press the home button on the app, then load up and press cancel on Touch ID it says I need Touch ID to log back in. If I then just press the home button again and then back into the app and press cancel it then allows me in the app.

Can you elaborate a bit more. Just trying to reproduce it :slight_smile:

Sorry I realise it’s not the easiest to follow.

  1. I open the app and Touch ID in
  2. I press the home button
  3. I open the app, it prompts for Touch ID
  4. I press cancel
  5. It asks me to unlock to continue
  6. I press the home button
  7. I open the app, it prompts for Touch ID
  8. I press cancel and now it lets me in the app

I’ve only randomly been able to replicate this so I don’t know what the common things are to know where the bug lies,annoyingly!

If you tap on the screen after the app is launched and before the Touch ID prompt comes, you can make the blurring effect disappear. It appears that the app is fully open during that period. You can tap on things and they would work, although for a small period of time. This would be a big security issue for devices (or iOS versions) that take a bit longer to prompt the user for Touch ID. I could defrost a card by quickly tapping on Card and then Defrost Your Card all without being given access by Touch ID.

I was able to do this on iOS 10 Developer Beta v4, but v5 is quicker and the app prompts Touch ID before I have time to tap Defrost Your Card, although I can still go into the Card page.

PS. I have an iPhone 6S


Agreed. I see this on my 6 too.

I wondered what I’d done earlier in the day when the blurring didn’t seem to work.

Just noticed that if you reinstall the Monzo app, Touch ID is turned off by default. This has the funny effect of basically nullifying the use of Touch ID altogether. Considering that most people would have their email address set up on their iPhone, you can just delete the app, reinstall it, and login using the email. You still can’t send money without the PIN, but all of your spending data is accessible. The only reason we have Touch ID is to restrict access to the app even if someone has access to the phone.