Touch ID turned itself off


I found out that the app had touch id security so switched that on. The next morning I went back into the app and went straight into it,no touch id? When I checked it had turned itself off?

Also when I open the app,it always comes into the screen showing my balance,surely it should open on a blank page and only show my balance after touch id had been authenticated?

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The types of issues you’re describing were problems with the early versions of the Touch ID implementation but it’s been a while since this sort of thing has been raised in the community.

The app will open on the screen that was last open before you exited it but when I have Touch Id switched on, the screen is always blurred until I’ve unlocked the app.

Just to check, which model of iPhone & version of the app do you have?


I have an iPhone 5s running the latest version of the Monzo app.

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I’m also not a fan of how the app always opens on the balance page then asks for touch id,so anyone picking up my phone would know my balance. When it goes to full bank I don’t want people seeing my balance. Not really the done thing for me in afraid.

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It definitely doesn’t, the app opens on the last tab you were viewing before you closed it, assuming you didn’t force quit the app…


Ok, I see what you mean,but to put it another way,it doesn’t open on a blank screen,then after my touch id is authorized it should goto the inner screens if you like.

As an example,my Amex and First Direct apps both open on a blank log on screen then after touch id you get into the app. I don’t really want to remember not to be on a screen that displays my balance just before I log of everytime. Small thing I know,but it’s quite important for me. I wouldn’t be happy with dropping it in the street,someone picking it up and seeing I had £xx thousand in my account. Hypothetically speaking.

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