Issue with standing orders with pots


I am fairly new to Monzo and I have just gone #FullMonzo! I love it!

I have a query regarding standing orders from my Monzo account straight to specific pots. They don’t show a scheduled payment on my summary page which is really confusing.

As you can see I have lots of scheduled payments into pots from the 1st of each month.

However in the summary page it only shows my committed spending as £67 which is transfers to other bank accounts.

Can someone help?

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It’s because it’s not a spend. You’re not spending the money. You have access to the money it’s just not in your main current account balance.

It would be nice to have a scheduled or committed transfers section but it’s never been added

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Hi Tom :wave:t2:

Basically with the way Summary works - it only records “actual” spend OUT of your account.

As a movement to a pot isn’t regarded as an “actual” spend OUT - it doesn’t take it into account unfortunately.

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Hmmm, that seems like a big flaw in the summary page as Monzo doesn’t allow you to deposit money into pots on your pay date.

For example, I get paid on the last Friday of every month, so the 1st is the only date that works for me. Meaning my summary page is skewed for up to a week.

Looks like I’ll have to manage these transfers manually for the time being.

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Summary shows money in&out of pots but won’t show scheduled transfers in&out of pots. The reasoning that “money isn’t really spent” shouldn’t prevent future transfers being shown in just the same way that the “left to spend” amount shouldn’t (and doesn’t) include the money in my pots.

Its not really consistent I know that.


It is strange that it will show the movements (but not have that affect your budget) but then not show “scheduled movements”.

It would work best if movements to pots factor into the “Budget” part of summary (as it shows in the “Transaction” part of summary - and then also have it where it shows you what is a scheduled movement to your pot (and have that factor into your “Left to Spend” like future committed spend does.

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I think I noticed this problem awhile back but I forgot about it because all my pot transfers happen on payday and by the time I wake up in the morning all the money has already been transferred and therefore summary is displaying the correct values.

I can see this being more of a issue if people have scheduled transfers happen at different times through out the month though

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This is one annoying thing about pots and committed spend. It isn’t a spend but is a commitment (sort of).

To be fair, this could be resolved if they implemented some more payment schedules apart from monthly and weekly.

So you could set your monthly budget from the last Friday of every month and set your standing orders up for the last Friday of every month too.

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It is a weird one because you never truly know how much you have for the whole month - I have a daily £3.50 movement into a pot but my overall “balance” doesn’t tell me how much I have

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