Total spend info

(kieron johnson) #1

Hey everyone,

So I was wondering if there could be away to exclude certain payments from the total spend if the day.

An example is I was given a refund from a company which was paid into my Monzo account I then transferred that amount out of my account which Monzo automatically included into ‘total amount spent today’
In reality I never spent that amount I just transferred it.

I know I can exclude that payment from the total summary but would be great if you could exclude from total today spend.



(Jonathon) #2

If the money came in and then went out, wouldn’t that cancel it out? I thought total spend went down if transfers come in? I could be wrong!


Following on with this - I really don’t think having direct debits included in the total spend notification is useful. One one particular day, my rent and a couple of bills go out - I then buy lunch and I’m told my total spend that day is close to £1000! It’s right, but not useful to me.

(kieron johnson) #4

Totally agree, I think the total spend of that day should only be transactions you personally made, or have the ability to switch off certain transactions that can be excluded.

(kieron johnson) #5

In reality it does cancel it self out but the total spend still includes.
For instance yesterday I received a refund of £400 from Ryanair.
I spent £20 in Tesco and transferred that £400 to my credit card so by 12pm my total amount spent said £420. I can see why Monzo has done this because it’s a withdrawal from Monzo but in reality I’ve only spent £20.