Exclude a Day

There’s been times when Ive gone out with a set budget for the day (ie shopping spree) but then had to go back and manually make each transaction exempt from the summary, otherwise id be going massively over budget. I think it could be a good idea to be able to automatically exclude a day or periods worth of transactions in one go.
Another possibility could be an ‘exclude all future transactions’ toggle which you turn on and off before the day of transactions occur.
Let me know what you think :smile: :mondo:

I’d personally rather the prediction be more intelligent so it doesn’t think every day’s going to be a shopping sprees :rofl:

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No :laughing: its probably more reliable if its done manually haha. Cant imagine it being that intelligent anytime soon

Eventually they might figure you spend more when you’re out with a particular person, especially if you’re both spending with a Monzo card :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ve tried persuading my mate to get a Monzo account but he’s still not convinced :joy: Grrr

Surely you are though?

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In theory yes, but if I’ve saved to go out on this spree then it is intentionally going outside the budget

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Ahh i see, I think the issue here is how monzo defines a budget.

It currently assumes a monthly spend within certain limits, it needs to somehow cater for things saved up for e.g shopping or annual payments such as car insurance.

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Well you can exclude from summary which stops them from affecting the budgets. It’s just be nice if we could bulk exclude for a whole spree

I just change my budget :grin:


I’ve had to think about this today as I’m on holiday and bought a few snacks and stuff to have at a friend’s house. I thought well this shouldn’t really go down as shopping, or eating out or groceries. So Ive put it as holiday but I don’t have a budget set for this type so I use it to monitor how much I’ve spent. Personally I would prefer to set it myself to my own type as that way I can measure it. I understand what you’re saying though and it makes sense.

I only think it affects me the way it does as I only set myself an overall budget instead of itemised budgets. But I’m glad you think what I’m saying makes sense @Shae

I’m sure more intelligence will get added over time. It will hopefully one day get to the point where it can accurately predicted each users exact pattern.