Total of scheduled payments?

All of my DD are paid from a “BILLS” pot, but is there any way to actually see the total of these payments.

Seems a really obvious thing to be wanting to know so I can then set up a transfer on payday to cover these bills.

It’s probably staring at me in the face!

Tap into the pot, press “Manage” and it will show what you have left to pay and what’s upcoming, based on the period you have set.

2 things to bear in mind:

  • Scheduled payments and DD’s can be set up to be paid from an assigned Bills pot, but CPA’s/Subscriptions can only be taken from the main account (or from a pot via a Virtual card if you’re a Plus/Premium account user) - so the Bills pot doesn’t necessarily show everything if you have any CPA’s/Subscriptions

  • As @Revels informs the post :point_up:, ‘Bills pot → Manage → Upcoming’ shows a ‘Left to pay’ amount at the top of the display. It also hows a list of the Bills below (the total of payments within the current cycle make up this ‘Left-to-pay’ amount), but the list below isn’t a ‘cycle’ display, it’s a rolling monthly display. Also, some DD’s can show out of date order and if a DD has changed or been renewed, it/they can show as duplicated entries and/or with wrong values. Carefully working through the ‘Bills pot → Manage → Upcoming’ can reveal these

tl;dr - Don’t totally trust the Bills pot ‘Left to pay’ as the be-all accurate indicator of what you have left to pay (unless your finances are simples)


That’s not much use, as I’m paid up so just want to know the total (without having to add them manually).
Seems obvious to have the total of scheduled payments for the month!

Then vote for one of these