Sum totals on scheduled payments tab

Hi all, just a thought but it would be nice if on the scheduled payments page there could be a total for each of the debits that are set up. Either a sum total of everything there or a ‘paid/to pay’ total that you can set to reset said totals at a specific date.

At the.moment when I’m doing my finances I have to pull out the ol’ pen and paper to run numbers on what my monthly scheduled debits add up to, or how much is left to go out in a given month etc.

Do you pay them from a pot?

If you do, if you go into the pot view, you get a “left to pay” and then a total with them in order of what’s coming next.

Nah they’re direct debits. It won’t let me pay those from a pot.

Edit: card payments even. They can’t use pots!


Direct Debits can be paid from pots - here’s my gas & electric for example: