A total sum of debits in pots

I currently have a pot where I put all the recurrent debts that I have to pull the money from, so I can have a better control of my precious “monies”. However, something that I am missing is a field somewhere within the pot that shows the total sum of debits that in place.

I know there is a field that shows the “Left to pay” field, but that only shows while there is something upcoming until the next switch of financial month. If there is nothing outstanding, you are on your own to figure out how much you have in place to be charged somewhere in the future.

In resume: A field that sums up all the debits assigned to that pot. Straight like that, not taking in account when the debit is going to happen.

Attaching a rough draft of what I mean:


Thanks for the possible solution but they don’t relate to what I am requesting.

I don’t know if I phrased it properly, but I am requesting the total to be in the pot where scheduled payments are going to get deducted from, not on the scheduled payments screen (which should be implemented as well).

Most of them are also asking for this too.

It does seem quite niche really. You could add it up yourself and add that total to your pot name.

I don’t completely agree with that, people might just not voice it. I personally think that these facilitations wouldn’t hurt to have available and would be fairly easy to implement.

I appreciate your opinion though, thank you!