Topping up in £5 increments

It’s not a major problem. But sometimes I want to top up £15/25/35 ect. Are there any plans to make This a feature users could enjoy?

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Here’s the reason for the current design

coupled with, why user’s can’t manually enter amounts (which would be the workaround to avoid lots of taps)

You can top up specific amounts by bank transfer if necessary, although that will take longer to reach your card.

I hope that helps!

I don’t think we would need to change the design or add a keyboard ? Just add the £5 increments using current left / right plus minus symbols? Ty

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Yes but if you do that, that’s when you run into this issue

Can’t see the problem ? Hundreds of taps ? For me that’s an
Issue. 10 taps would be more than enough to cover most top ups as it is so twenty taps not an issue if it gives you more choice… it’s hardly like doing the decorating lol ))

Yeah, I think is where this part of Zancler’s comment applies

If most users top up much lower amounts, then the smaller increments can be added. But if most top up larger amounts then they would be impacted by the smaller increments because they would end up with lots of taps & you’ll have to go without the £5 increments, unless a new design is introduced.

Probably have a slider that you can move with your finger. It could start with £5 and have an initial maximum of £50, but when you approch the maximum it will keep increasing dynamicall until it reaches the maximum topup limit.
Not sure if it makes sence how I described it, but it is a very common approach.

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Then introduce a … new design?.. this does not sound like rocket science . I thought the point of these non legacy systems were that they were flexible & adaptable?

Maybe the solution is just to add smaller increments at the lower end of the range. The amounts do increase dynamically in the app at the moment. My only problem with sliders is that you need to have a steady finger if there’s lots of choices within the range…

It is, the question is how should the new design work? :slight_smile:

Having a really good design doesn’t always mean you have to be able to do everything. Sometimes you have to sacrifice certain things to make the overall user experience simpler. Having a £5 top-up increment is an edge case and >90% of top ups would only need at most a £10 increment. Trying to satisfy a tiny percent of use cases while making it difficult for the rest is a bad design decision.

For example from £50 to go down to £10 you would need to press 8 times instead of just 4.

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Great idea! Thanks. Didn’t think it was too hard…

Also remember that you wouldn’t have to top-up once Monzo starts providing current accounts.

8 presses instead of 4 is not a problem? Its such a smooth User interface…

That true . I forgot about that …

Yeah but £200 = 40 taps or a really precise point in a sliding scale :grimacing:

I imagine after getting the banking license the team is focussing on integration to the full banking systems (BACS, Direct Debits etc.), rather than finessing features of the top up card.

In any case, I would recommend topping up a large amount once a month as the Pulse and spending tab become far more insightful to your spending than topping up in small, regular amounts.


Bank transfers truly don’t help in case of top ups. It would lovely top up with whatever amount i like instead of £10 increments.

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According to this…

… the full banking license is approximately 5-6 months away still. It wouldn’t take much to make a slight tweak to the design to allow for easier topping up.

I don’t think a slider is the way to go. Trust me, from a user-experience designer, they’re OK when controlled with a mouse, but on a touch screen interface they are often infuriating! Especially when controlling such small increments as £5.

My suggestion would be keep what’s currently there, including the :heavy_minus_sign: and :heavy_plus_sign: buttons, but allow the user to “free-type” over the number. It wouldn’t be too jarringly different but it’d certainly allow freedom to easily top as much or as little as they please (within reason).

It should go like this 5, 10, 20, 30, 40, 50, and not as people are saying 5, 10, 15, 20, 25, 30… If somebody wants to add 35 pound then fist add 30 then add another 5. I don’t see the need to make something simple so complicated.