Specify Amount When Topping Up


It would be great it we could write down the amount we want to top up instead of having to use the arrows.
I might want to top up £180. Currently I would have to do 2 different transactions.
Although this is no biggie it would make it easier if I could just decide how much I want to top up by. Thank

(Rika Raybould) #2

@Hugo has an explanation as to why this isn’t possible.

If topping up an exact amount is critical, consider using the bank transfer method. It takes about a day but you can specify the precise amount to send over.


Thanks. I’ll keep it in mind

(Ryan Nile) #4

@Hugo Is possible to set the payment increment parameters for the + and - buttons?

i.e. up by 10, up by 20

I wanted to transfer 190 and had to do two separate top ups. Not a huge deal but would be nice, seeing as we can’t key in the exact figure.

(Calzo) #5

Im not sure about anyone else but I would find it useful to be able to top up the Monzo card with specific amounts using my debit card rather than incremental amounts. I contacted support and they said that it’s possible to do this via bank transfer but using debit card would be better and quicker. For example say I would like to purchase something for £300 but I only have £298.42 on my Monzo card. I would like to be able to round it up by sending £1.58 from my debit card. It doesn’t help that have OCD and prefer a nice round number in my account too. :rofl:


Someone will soon post a reply on here saying why it is not done, but the main reason is a particular designer has a personal preference for doing it this way and has chosen to ignore any feedback from users wanting this. I notice from reading thru the forum often Monzo just rally round to defend how they have done something instead of thinking OK how can we make this happen

(Alex Sherwood) #7

There’s been some discussion about this idea here so I’ve moved your post over. I hope that’s ok :slight_smile:

Rirchard’s shared Monzo’s explanation for this limitation earlier in the thread.

The only thing I’d add is that once the current accounts launch you’ll either be paying your salary into your account (so you probably won’t top up much) or you’ll be able to top up specific amounts via Faster Payments. I’m in the preview & my transfers from Lloyds arrive instantly :tada:

(Jack Grimsdell) #8

Would be great if we could top up smaller amounts. For example in multiples of £5 instead of £10

Would anyone else find this handy?

(Simon B) #9

You can do this via bank transfer - it’s just debit card top-ups that are in £10 increments.

(Jack Grimsdell) #10

Ah that’s handy to know. Thanks for the quick reply Simon!