Top up amounts


Having to top up in multiples of ten seems a bit daft. Although that may just be me. Surely it would make more sense to allow us to input any amount to top up our accounts by?


(Zander) #2

Hey Ben!

Here’s some reasoning from @hugo regarding the exact topup amounts on another post:

It’s something we’ve thought about quite a bit before, and think the reasoning we have holds up. It’s worth mentioning that it’s possible to topup via bank transfer if you’d like an exact amount :slight_smile:



(Silvia Hernandez) #4

Same here, I find myself giving money back (in cash) because I cannot take a certain amount of money from another account.


(Adam Weston) #5

While I understand the reasoning behind this, I’d like to add / question the logic behind the top up system when you go over £100. It goes in multiples of £10 up to £100, then jumps to £150 then £200.

I’m using Mondo as a great potential budgeting tool - so wanted to Top Up £120 today. Annoyingly has to be done in 2 transactions.

Surely this can be reviewed?



:mondo: allows you to top up upto £3700. It would become difficult to get to it with £10 increments.

You can always top up any amount by bank transfer. Bank transfers are usually minted at around 11 am every working day. So you should see it within atmost a working.


(Zander) #7

I’ve had a similar situation before so understand the frustration. It’s a question of balancing speed vs flexibility — as @hatimbt mentions, if you were wishing to top up to the maximum amount (or even any relatively high amt) that would be hundreds of taps, which is far too much, but of course there are instances like yours where you end up trapped in between two ‘almost’ amounts. As time goes on we learn more about how and when people top up, plus introducing sophisticated budgeting inside of the app, I think we’ll able to challenge and fix issues like this.


Topping up in £5 increments
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Topping up in £5 increments
Topping up in £5 increments