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Monzo! Can you make it so that you can top up your card by a more specific amount, would be great to be able to type in the exact amount you want to top up not just tap the + button.

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Here is @hugo’s reasoning for this:

If you want to top up a specific amount you can do so by bank transfer.

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What about the ability to top up £110 or £230 though? It’s not decimals but not possible at the moment.

Precisely, sometimes find myself doing two transfers to get the amount I want. It goes without saying that this isn’t much of a hassle, but as UX is clearly so important to Monzo, I think the greater level of flexibility when topping up higher amounts would be worth it

I still feel that wasting time on interface stuff that will be binned within (hopefully) nine months wouldn’t be the best use of resource. I’d far rather live with this and see ‘bank relevant’ functionality added.

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Exactly what @Feathers said!

Is that not bank relevant? I often transfer amounts between different accounts within my bank, where you need that level of control. One of the most popular Feature ideas is a virtual savings account, where this ‘interface stuff’ could be directly used. Don’t see it as a waste of time at all, especially as you said, we will be using this for the next 9, or more months.

It’s difficult to weigh the value of a feature like this without knowing the precise use case.

You’ve been clear that you need to be able to make transfers for more specific amounts but what’s the scenario where you’d need to transfer a specific amount & a 24 hour wait for the funds (the waiting period for a bank transfer), is too long? Perhaps we’re (myself included) overlooking something…