Top up with BT Reward Card

Just wondering whether it’s possible to top up with the BT Reward Mastercard? If not does anybody know how I could go about transferring it to PayPal?

Many Thanks! it?

I’m not sure that’s possible with a BT reward card as it asks for a post code.

Any thoughts on getting it onto paypal?

Give it a try with your postcode? Presumably its just a pre-paid debit Mastercard, probably either BT gives them your postcode or you enter it when you activate it.


Assuming you can use the card for online purchases, it would be linked to your postcode, so should work.

Are you getting some kind of error when you try to top up?


You can’t, they’re prepaid cards, and they can’t be used for top-up by card or

I’ve tried this twice, with 2 different BT reward cards.

In the end I used 1 to top-up my Amazon account (as I was going to buy something from there anyway). The other I used my PayPal donate link and sucked up the fee as I couldn’t be bothered to find a fee free way of getting hold of the money.

When I had mine I spent it all on filling up the car. What’s annoying is it’s often hard to use up the exact balance as you end up with a few pence left.

You can it from your bt reward card (there was no fee) and then you can transfer it straight to your bank card

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It’s been a year and a half, they’ve probably sorted it by now

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