Topping up Monzo with prepaid reward card


Hi there. A very satisfied Monzo user for many months, though new to the forums!

I’ve just moved in to a new place and am getting BT Infinity installed in a couple of weeks. As a new BT customer, I’m getting a £120 BT Reward card ( which is just a prepaid Mastercard. I’d prefer to have this in cash, and hopefully in my Monzo account if possible.

Does anyone have any experience of topping up their Monzo account with such a card? It says in the terms and conditions that it blocks cash withdrawals, so don’t know if their systems would be clever enough to see a Monzo top up as the equivalent to a ‘cash advance’ on a credit card or similar.

Will report back once I’ve got the card either way!

EDIT: sorry, I forgot to say, I notice that there are some threads already that ask this question but seem to be referring to things like the Cashplus card, and maybe other ones that I can think off the top of my head e.g. the Loot card, Boon and stuff like that. Would the designation as a ‘reward’ card not allowing making any cash withdrawals (unlike Boon/Loot etc. AFAIK) make a difference?


and if you get Sky TV as well you may get a free Mastercard (or TV) from them too (they regularly have promotions)


It seems like they are trying to give away their services!


Top ups are only allowed from a debit card so the chances are you won’t be able to transfer it to your Monzo card, sorry.


If Monzo doesn’t work you can set up a merchant account with a card processor like Stripe (takes 5 minutes) and cash it out that way, they take a 2% cut but better than nothing.

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I tried doing this with my BT reward card and it was rejected by both Monzo and Starling. In the end I resorted to donating to myself via paypal and just sucking up the 5% fee (given that it was “free” money anyway).

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Or get the GitHub education pack (if you’re a student) and get $1000 in free transactions :slight_smile:

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Yeah did the same. In the end it’s worth it as I can easily put the cash towards something I need.

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