Top up via card

I think Mondo would rather keep that ability somewhat away from the usual options and only available for people who spend the time to look for it. I think it does have some implications on use of time, etc.

@aeneasvb PayPal would be a extremely bad idea.

It would give people who purchase hacked accounts another way to withdraw the money with ease.

Plus when it comes to charge backs Mondo is on the tail end and would take the hit on stolen money from PayPal. As Mondo would require a PayPal account to accept payment. As your not purchasing/selling goods Mondo wouldn’t be covered.

Direct debit / debit cards only in my eyes.

Hi. I would suggest to have the top up in increments of £5 instead of £10. I would like to top up weekly £15 and then monitor my spending over that week and stick to the £15 for the week. Then load another £15 for the following week and so on. Is this something that will be introduced? Thanks

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I don’t think they’re looking at changing it any time soon but you could use the details in this thread.

How about Top Up by SMS?

Text an amount and have it charged to your mobile bill?

You can donate to charity this way so why not top up Monzo this way?

You will take debit cards but not credit cards…what about charge cards? Some banks in addition to debit cards and credit cards have charge cards where amount always paid off in full each month unlike the typical credit card where part or most rolled over. Not sure if these have identifiable BIN prefixes or not? Is the choice not to accept credit cards Monzo’s or your agent’s? If it a decision of principal rather than an industry requirement, perhaps charge cards could be looked at differently?

even if Monzo did take credit cards it is likely that your credit card provider would treat the payment as a cash advance and this would be recorded on your credit record. This could also work out quite expensive as some credit providers start charging interest straight away unlike on purchases which tend to offer a minimum of 30 days interest free until the statement date

It’s worth remembering that top ups won’t be here for long. You won’t be able to “top up” once Monzo launches full current accounts. Monzo doesn’t have to waste time implementing all kinds of payment methods like SMS, etc, instead try to launch the current account sooner.

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The two things are not mutually exclusive and there is no reason why you can’t top up a current account by depositing cash at a PayPoint terminal in a store or by sending an SMS message. Particularly for those not paid by BACS on a monthly basis but maybe self-employed and getting cash for their services (such as cabbie or hairdresser)

and if you want to fund your card to cover a particular purchase it makes doing your accounting much clearer if you can enter an incomming sum that ties up with the outgoing

No you would not want a total ban on topping up with a Monzo card. Because one person could use their Monzo card to top up another’s account, be they a partner or friend for example.

That’s not currently encouraged. The current top up process expects you to top up from a card of your own.

We’re about to introduce new ways of adding funds to your account though :slight_smile:

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My question was about charge cards rather than credit cards

Hi. Just going back to the topic of top up amounts, I’d really like to see flexible, custom top up amounts. Having random pennies on my card is pretty annoying. I like to start each week with a set amount in my account. E.g. £100, not £103.66.

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Monzo aren’t about to allow topping up by random amounts. Considering the top up mechanism will be deprecated in the next few months as they exit mobilisation and become a real bank with current accounts.

If you want to round out your account you can do a bank transfer as per below.

Ninja edit: I believe those details are still valid. Worth getting confirmation from a chat in the app.


I just discovered this because I was looking for info on charge cards specifically… I understand that credit cards are not being looked at as a top up source which makes total sense, but what about charge cards which don’t have an interest rate attached? The reason is I want to sign up for a credit card purely to start earning frequent flyer miles. I’ve found a charge card with a really good deal for this and ideally I would move all my regular spending to this card to earn as many miles as possible however I don’t want to give up the budget tracking ease of Monzo… so if I could top up from the charge card to Monzo that would be perfect.

Hi Hugo, I want to ask you if the only currency accepted to pop up the account is pounds.
For example, if I create an account to use in Argentina, can I pop up in the local currency and use it abroad?
Thanks for your time,

This is the answer Tristan gave when asked this question in October :slight_smile:

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In short, your card will be charged in GBP and your bank will have to convert it. more than likely charge fees

With the release of card top-up for the Current Account, discussion on this topic is no longer relevant in the Sneek Peak category.