Top up via Apple Pay worked but the app says it failed

I topped up my card this morning using Apple Pay. The top up has been successfully credited to my :mondo: card account :thumbsup:, and the authorisation to my linked debit card was successful :thumbsup:. But the app issued a message stating the top up failed :cry:. Interestingly I heard the ka-ching :moneybag: noise in the background and normally you get a message saying something like “your top up will be applied to your account in a few moments” but as I say, I got “top up failed” :thumbsdown:.

iPhone SE iOS 9.3.2, :mondo: App v1.5.1 #237

I had the same issue last night. I tried it twice and received the same message but only one top up appeared. I’m waiting on my bank to update so I can see if two lots of £20 were taken out.

Hey, sorry about this! It should be fixed now but if you see any lingering issues, drop our support team a message through in-app chat :slight_smile: