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(Nico) #1

Hi all,

I have recently joined Monzo - so far I really like it! Great to budget and the instant transactions against my balance is superb.

I am just a little concerned my bank would not like me to top up using Android Pay as perhaps my bank would rather I use my debit card issued by them? What are your thoughts?

One of my top ups (from Halifax - not my main bank Santander) via Android Pay declined. So I was thinking perhaps Halifax/Lloyds may not accept Monzo? However, topping up by Santander via Android Pay worked fine.

Has anyone encountered any difficulties with banks and Monzo?


(Jack) #2

You would have less issues if you added money via bank transfer. Topping up can sometimes be flagged by certain banks for fraud. Although this is rare.

(Change Works) #3

I’ve not used Halifax, but have had no problems with TSB, Nationwide, or Santander. They were all topping up the prepaid card, though, not the current account.

(Nico) #4

I will try this instead!

(Simon B) #5

The banks don’t really care in my experience, the end result is the same.

The attempted Halifax top-up almost certainly got caught by a fraud flag, you’d need to call Lloyds to get it unblocked :grinning:

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