Can I top-up Monzo with Revolut card?


I am trying to find a solution. I am to start studing in UK starting mid-september. My parents will send me money from a EU bank account. If I would straight up use their card to top up my Monzo card, I would have fees from their bank used to convert eur to gbp. I was wondering if I could have them send money to my Revolut card and then I could use it to top-up my Monzo card.

Thus, I am wondering if a pre-paid Revolut is accepted to top up Monzo card?

THANKS! :slight_smile:

(Alex Sherwood) #2

It looks like that should be possible -

or if not, as far as I know the fallback that you’ve lined up of using TransferWise is the best alternative :smile:

(Marta) #3

I had leftover 13 eur on my Revolut so I tested it. I used my own Revolut card to top up own Monzo card and it worked. On Monzo it just shows as top-up, Revolut shows it as payment.

I compared rates, for sending 10 GBP from EUR:
Revolut currently shows 1 eur = £0.9210 (which will settle later, I’ll update)
Transferwise gives rate 1 eur = £0.92540, but also 2 euro fee, which is rather high for £10, but then it can be really low for larger sums of money.

Transferwise is kinda convenient, because one you set up both accounts (I coincidentally explained it here earlier today, shameless plug), it’s very easy to send money over and over again. And you can initiate payment from debit card directly, which saves the hassle of moving money between accounts.

Transferwise has fees but very reasonable, Revolut has no fee up to £5,000, and 0.5% thereafter.

Might be worth checking both, as Revolut/Prepaid Monzo can be hit by GPS outages, while Transferwise is more independent (I think). With Monzo current account already being slowly rolled out and GPS not being a problem ever again, Current Account + Transferwise personally seems like more stable combination.


Thanks! Appreciate you.