Auto topup feature

Every now and again I have found myself in a store with no signal and not enough money on the Mondo card, it would be amazing if the card had an option to turn on an auto top up feature so that once below a certain threshold it just worked some magic and you’ve suddenly got money again.

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Mondo isn’t really designed around being a prepaid card. As @hugo has mentioned here and there, they’re designing around it being your primary current account, which means your salary will be paid into it. As such, anything top-up related does tend to leave some imperfect areas with regards to user experience.

So I’d most recommend that you try and use Mondo more like a current account - where you top-up a good £500 or so each time, rather than topping up £10 a few times a day. Make sure to leave a bit back in your existing bank account though - just in case :slight_smile:


or at least as much as you can afford from your current current account :wink: to give you a good idea of what you are spending your money on rather than just using mondo once a week to pay for your starbucks

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Fair point, I’ve just been very reserved about putting more significant amounts on unless I need to (I’m not entirely sure why?). Probably because my mortgage and all other bills are still coming from my existing bank account and I guess my main use of my Mondo card is for the more petty day to day stuff to keep an eye on how I spend my money, which is definitely more than a Starbucks a week hence the need! :joy:


I also had a really good read of the Mondo terms and conditions last night, your money isn’t (currently) 100% safe like it is in an actual bank. So I’m trying to top up smaller amounts more frequetly, just in case something drastic happens.

Needless to say one day :mondo: will be my main current account, but until then I’m being a tad cautious.


You are correct that deposits aren’t guaranteed, but it is worth being aware that the safety of deposits is not reliant on Mondo’s solvency. All the money is held by Wirecard - a much larger & well established company. If they are no longer solvent, there could be cases where money is lost, but that would be very unlikely.